Personal Development and Mentoring

Individual, Family and Group Counseling

Teen Pregnancy, HIV/STD Education and Prevention

STEP 10 staff counsel young people and equip them with information and confidence to make proud, healthy decisions.

Recreational After School Programs

Athletics & Extracurricular Recreation

Play Therapy

STEP 10 personnel encourage the unique development and emotional growth of children through the process of play-children’s natural medium of communication.  Children are provided with play materials which facilitate their expression of feelings, thoughts and experiences.

STEP 10 creates a safe environment that promotes the opportunity to develop athletic skills, and learn the fundamental principles of team work, which STEP 10 believes is a critical skill that is transferable into adulthood

Exciting Trips and Experiences

Students learn to swim, take learning excursions to cities like Orlando, Clearwater and Jacksonville, go on overnight camping trips and explore Miami’s vast cultural resources.

Work Study & Entrepreneur Development

Paid Internships

During the summer, high performing Youth will earn money through paid internships operating, “Hydroponics/Horticulture,” our student-run fresh produce enterprise, working in classrooms as Team Leader Assistants with STEP10 for Youth or working at local businesses.

Business Incubator Internships

During the summer, high performing youth will create sustainable business ventures with local businesses.


Our Instructors

All STEP 10 Inc. teachers are licensed to teach by the state. Many also have certifications or licenses for various disciplines.


STEP 10 Inc. provides one-on-one tutoring in Math, Reading, and Writing. We also offer homework help and summer.

Test Preparation

  • Practice Tests
  • State Test Preparation
  • ACT/SAT Preparation
  • Test Camp

Academic Support Services

STEP 10 Facilitators provide academic counseling to Youth, ensuring that they are taking the right classes and receiving the tutoring and other supports they need.  Saturday Language Arts Academy provides Youth in need with intensive grammar, writing and reading comprehension skills development three Saturdays each month.  STEP 10 also provides homework assistance, subject-specific tutoring, FCAT exam preparation and guidance in study skills, time and stress management.

Positive Peer Groups

STEP 10 Youth build friendships with other highly motivated high school students. 

Retreats and other team building activities foster a commitment to individual and group success.

Tutoring and Homework Help

STEP10’s staff provides one-on-one and group tutoring and helps students complete their homework assignments.

 Referrals and Evaluations

STEP10 staff, in partnership with schools, makes referrals in order to ensure that children’s educational and psychological needs are being met by the public school system. STEP 10 counselors also provide counseling and make referrals to help young people and families treat and cope with a variety of mental health issues.